28 September 2012


I've been so preoccupied with this 31 Postcards project that I've neglected the blog! So here's a sneak peek, a few little pop-up gnomes. One of the many cards I've made so far with another 25 or so to go. (I was sent many more than 31 addresses!) Once they're finished, I'll have them all scanned and photographed and I'll put them all up here. I'm really excited to use this opportunity to make a variety of mini illustrations and cards to sell on the Etsy! So if you see one you like, keep an eye out for the sale!

22 September 2012

31 Postcards in 31 Days

This remind's me a whole lot of George Pratt's infamous 30 portraits in 30 days assignment that I did my junior year at Ringling College (you can see some of those awesome portraits here). I loved that project and think about it constantly. Ive always loved working on too many things at once and projects  like these really allow me to do just that. 

The 31 Postcards in 31 Days is more about the promotion of letter writing, but I'm going to use it as an excuse to doodle/create and share. I'm going with the USPS postcard size standard and using some thicker cardstock. The cardstock is still not quite weather/mail proof so I'll be putting them in envelopes and sending them that way. I also have some pretty crazy plans for most of them (think of my paper toys/paper dolls) and they'd definitely be destroyed in their passage across the country. I sent out a Call for Addresses on Facebook and received way too many addresses, but I'm a sucker and will probably send some to those that volunteered after the initial 31 anyway. The event is open to whoever wants to participate so maybe some of you will read this and decide to do so too! (If you want my address, just let me know!) 

When they're all finished, I'll have them scanned. After I send them out, I'll post pictures here! I'm really excited and hope I get some pictures of them in their new homes! (Especially the ones that need to be cut and assembled, GAH I'm so excited.)

I've finished three, I'm working on the fourth and I just started today! I'll be working on them every chance I get in hopes to finish them all by the beginning or middle of October as they all need to be sent IN October!

This is going to be SO much fun! I hope some of you decide to do it too!

21 September 2012

One Little..

One little, Two little, A million little monsters! Nantucket Looms is interested in selling my handmade dolls, like this one and this one. So, to get me back in the plush groove, I made this simple little monster yesterday. It's a bit chilly today, so this morning I knitted the poor creature a scarf to keep him warm while he hangs out in the studio. I think he may stay with little Odin and just be inspiration for the million more I'm planning to make! (Plus Odin's already slobbered all over him!) 

13 September 2012

Children's Book!

Anyone remember this lil' lady? She's the main character in the children's book I'm now working on! I'm pretty excited to get started on this one. Lots of character design sketches today, maybe some sculpey work, and if Odin let's me- storyboarding!

11 September 2012

Wooden Puzzle.

Finally! This is the beginning of a long line of wooden puzzles we'll be making this fall/winter for a local shop on island as well as online sales. Since this is the prototype, we're giving it to little Odin. Odin's one lucky babe.