03 February 2012

Valentine's Day is Just Around the Corner!

Hello hello!

I have a habit of making lots of little gifts for all my friends. I'm excited that this year I made a set of Valentine's Day cards available to purchase, which you can do on my Etsy. These original designs are all illustrated and printed by me. Please check them out and maybe get some for your loved ones!

02 February 2012

Tallulah and Bernice!

New blog, new blog. I'll start you off with some sweet little hand sculpted dolls I made for a local gallery showing. Tallulah is a tad bit more elegant than her whimsical younger sister Bernice, but the two enjoy their time together. Tallulah is quite the fan of local dances, meeting new friends, and writing. Bernice prefers her time alone, making friends with the butterflies, dancing with elephants, and frolicking often (Oh, and of course her bear hat, which she never leaves home without).


These lovely ladies were designed, hand-sculpted, painted, and dressed by myself. These babes are sort of a gateway into the world of puppets. I really hope to play around with some marionette making this year, but for now the obsession is with wooden toys. Recycling (Repainting) one now, so hopefully pictures tomorrow or the day after!

After a long hiatus, it was time to make a brand new blog. The last art blog hasn't been updated since thesis so I'm excited to start fresh!