28 November 2012

Graficas gallery show

I have a spot in a little gallery show this Friday- I was able to complete three small pieces for it. I would've loved to do more, but my interests have been elsewhere (plushies!). I'm working on a larger painting which unfortunately I didn't finish in time, but will definitely have it done for the Spring show. I'm loving making these tiny little paintings, if anyone has any small old frames they need to be rid of- PLEASE let me know, I'll pay shipping!

So here are my three little friends. Say hello!

'Scuba Jacque'
'Leafy Pea'
'Cry me a Rainbow'
Whatever doesn't sell will be available on the Etsy page soon.

21 November 2012

31 Postcards, finished

The 31 postcard project was so much fun. I think if I can manage it I'll do a similar project on my own in January or February, 30 portraits again! I'm still terribly fond of that project. Well here's the initial 31. I still owe some people postcards (sorry, guys!) but since I received those addresses after the initial 31 and I put a lot of effort in each card, those will have to wait just a little longer. Hope everyone loved their cards, I'm excited to do a project like this again soon!

Also, don't forget! The giveaway ends today so be sure to enter to win a cutie little plush doll!

14 November 2012

first giveaway!

Ah, November. We are in the month of thanks and there are so many things to be thankful for. I have a lovely family, amazing friends, and am a very happy healthy person. As a thank you, I'm doing my first giveaway. I love to give things so this is very exciting for me. Since I couldn't possibly make enough art to give to everyone I know, I've made a pretty little plush doll that I'd like to give everyone the opportunity to win. She is mostly hand sewn with a hand embroidered face and her dress is made from one of my favorite fabrics. I plan to make many more for sale on Etsy but this little lady is up for grabs and she needs a lovely home. She can definitely withstand baby play (Odin tested) but would also look stunning sitting on your bed or up on a shelf!

You can enter this giveaway a maximum of four times.
-first entry- just leave a comment saying what you're most thankful for.
-second entry- follow Dancey Pants Disco (at the bottom of this page) and leave a separate comment saying you've done so.
-third entry- share this giveaway post on your Facebook, blog, or Instagram (#danceypantsdisco) and leave a separate comment saying you've done so.
-fourth entry- pop on over to the Facebook page and hit 'like,' then comment again saying you've done so. (If you've already 'liked' the FB page, just leave a comment saying so!)

Please leave a separate comment for each entry. The winner will be announced one week from today (the day before Thanksgiving, 11/21) around 10 pm EST. I'll pick a random entry (via random number generator online) from the entries I receive and the winner will be announced on this blog entry and contacted via e-mail. Be sure to leave your e-mail in one of your comments.

Good luck, loves!

EDIT: Giveaway is over! Winner soon!

I wish I could give everyone something.. But please please check the Etsy store over the next few weeks for lots of additions AND more giveaways.
Alright, alright, drum roll please!

The winner is: Errol!
(Well, the original winner was my house-mate Rachel, but she's kindly given me the okay to send her to someone who hasn't played with her already...)

01 November 2012

plush girl

She's finished! I'm thinking my first giveaway will be a plush doll like this little lady!

gifts for gifts

I'm making a little plush doll in exchange for a room at a fancy hotel for Z's birthday! I really love making these dolls and I think when I go to Florida this weekend, I may buy some more supplies. It's so hard- there are so many things I like to make. I love making crafty bits as gifts. Or fun little toys to sell. But I really enjoy doing gallery work and making more serious pieces too. I'm not quite sure how to meld all of my interests together. Now that I have a babe, I want to make more toys- wooden and plush, and I've also been really interested in getting into children's fashion. How can I do all of these things and be successful? I feel like it's a hard combination!