28 October 2012

guess what time it is?!

postcard time! I finally finished all 31 (34 actually) and they've all been enveloped, addressed, and stamped! Be excited! For those of you who sent me your address after the initial 31, I will be sending yours out in the coming weeks. I want to make something original for everyone. :] Make sure everyone likes the FB page to keep up with updates about giveaways to come!

A friend is starting a themed art blog and I'm excited to participate. I'll hopefully work on that piece this week at some point and I'll be posting that on here soon!

05 October 2012

ball-point postcards

I forgot how much I loved drawing with a simple ball-point pen. I really REALLY love it! Thanks to my friend Laurie at Ringling College, I received a package of Ringling goodies (sketchbooks and art books and pens and temporary tattoos!) and I drew all night. I plan to do the same today! I can't wait to finish the postcards, they've helped me come up with loads of new ideas for paintings and other creations!